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clinics1Boston Equestrian is happy to announce a new winter workshop. Whether access to an indoor or a technical problem is hindering you from reaching your goal, the winter series is here to give you a leg up on next season. The workshop includes a Thursday through Sunday stay with customized lessons (albeit in a group setting) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $300.00 and runs the first week of each month from December to March.

If you would like Mr. El Jadidi to lead a clinic at your location, please contact us via email.

Countless grand prix riders take time off the circuit to conduct clinics. Some of the questions frequently asked deal with the confusion riders feel when one clinic contradicts what they were told in a previous class. My philosophy in a clinic setting is different from the way I teach students I regularly see 4-5 times a week. Your regular instructor assumes the job of reminding you about form and proper riding technique. In a clinic setting it is my job to evaluate the combination of horse and rider quickly. I want to tweak your performance through a series of tests so I can see a horse listening to your aids and responding efficiently. It is very common for your horse to act differently as I instruct you. Your job as a rider is not to impress me with how quietly you bring your horse to the fence or how easily you perform your transitions. I want you to concentrate on what I am saying. You may be asked to sit back while another student works in the half seat.

clinic-floridaOne student may be letting go of the reins over a jump while another will be told to hold the reins. You may be asked to send your horse to the fence or you may be asked to hold your horse back. If you can concentrate on the commands I give, your experience may be tough but you will get off your horse feeling like you worked hard and learned something new.

An important lesson to take away from the clinic is the realization we are not a replacement for your regular instructor. Riding is a constant evolution and just like life there are many roads that lead to the same destination. Sometimes it is as simple as a different turn of a phrase that gets a rider to see what they need to do. If I ask you to do something different, it is for the clinic and the limited time I have to spend with you. Because of time constraints, you should know that we will be doing a lot more riding than talking. I will be available after the clinic to answer any questions from the riders and auditors.

At the grand prix level where competition is fierce we still lean on each other to learn. As much as we want to win, more important is watching a great horse reach its potential. I hope the mileage and experience I have gained in my career allows you the opportunity to learn something new and perhaps enjoy your horse a little more.