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DSCN1362Boston Equestrian Center offers training in Jumping, Dressage and Equitation.

The core teaching at Boston Equestrian requires a combination of these 3 disciplines. It allows our students to acquire a depth about the industry as a whole and utilizing techniques from all 3 we create a horse/rider combination that communicates effortlessly. You may even see hunter techniques in a few lessons. Students are encouraged to practice outside the lesson with ample ring time devoted to free riding.  Adult students are able to enjoy numerous activities at local New England venues.  Beach rides and cross country along with schooling dressage shows and combined eventing are days filled with laughter and challenge.

At Boston Equestrian, we develop riders who are ready to embrace the sport and look forward to owning a horse. For many, that road requires an enormous amount of work. Students are welcome to take some lessons to determine if we have a suitable mount to ensure progression and enjoyment. The amount of money and time saved by developing your skills on a seasoned show horse allows the student a greater understanding of valuation when it comes time to shop for their own mount and get the most bang for their buck.  Junior riders and adults returning to the sport tend to get the most bang for the buck shaving off years of lessons by leasing and competing on horses being trained to compete on the “A” circuit.

Our goal at Boston Equestrian Center is to provide training and instruction to bring out the best in each of our riders. Not all of our students have aspirations to compete on the “A” circuit. While enjoying the ambience of having a backstage pass to these events, their riding skills have enabled them to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to reach the next level.

International students are welcome to learn more about opportunites to compete in the U.S. Click HERE for more information about our International Program.

Below are listed our basic lesson rates. Please call for advanced rider and training rates with head trainer, Jamal El Jadidi. Or email us at info@bostonequestriancenter.com.


lessons1Lesson Rates

$75 for a goup. $100 for an individual.
Leases run $800-$1500 per month
Winter lease rates start nov. 1st for those looking for a great deal. get up to half off on a few select mounts!
Policies regarding lesson cancelations

All lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance. Four or more unexcused absences of regularly scheduled lesson time may result in a loss of that time slot.


Riding Vacations – Preparation

Many clients come to us to prepare for a Riding Vacation. We will customize a program designed to get you in prime riding form for your vacation!


Competitive Training

Competitive training provided by our International Grand Prix competitor, Jamal El Jadidi who has been competing on the US and international circuit (representing Morocco and USA). Mr. El Jadidi as he has been teaching students from all over the world for over 20 years. Before coming to the United States Mr. El Jadidi taught at premier riding clubs in Morocco and France. Jamal regularly brings students to A&B rated shows throughout New England, including the Fleet Jumper Classic (the high point of equestrian events in New England). He also brings riders to the Wellington Circuit in Florida each winter.
Training Costs

Mr. El Jadidi is also available to train your horse. Please contact the center for cost as each case is different.