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"Finding the right partner is harder than finding the right price"

–Jamal El Jadidi


At the Boston Equestrian Center we not only bring along our own string of horses to sell, our network allows us to reach out to several trainers to find you a great horse at your price. We have found that 10% commission is a small price to pay when a trusted trainer is willing to put their stamp of approval and their reputation on the line. Our goal is to work with you to ensure your expectations and wishes become possibilities. Jamal is available for appraisal on your own find, but rates are determined by location and time needed for assessment.


Tank Maximus St. George
Ross 2 2014 maximus

He deserves a regal name, and we may change it since he is a new arrival, but it is accurate.  He is a Dutch cross born spring 2010.  He is 17 hands of black muscle with an incredible work ethic.    We have only had a few horses that large and light.  If you are big, he is bigger!  More details as we ascertain his potential, but he is easily ridden at walk, trot, and canter so if you want to finish him yourself, he is willing.  Your trainer can call the center to make an appointment for evaluation.

Maximus St. George is a 2012 stallion out of Babylon St. George. While normally starting horses at 3 his progression on the ground indicates he will be a candidate for the Young Jumper Series and has been under saddle for a few months. His elasticity and bounce make him a favorite to train and watch. He does not realize he is a stallion due to his early integration into a herd but has the power of an alpha stallion.

Obrien St. George St. George's Hazelnut
Obrien hazelnut

Obrien St. George is a 2011 gelding sired by Babylon St. George. His breeding information is located on our breeding tab. He does have some conformation issues that limit his jumping potential but his bombproof nature and light movement make him a favorite ride for timid riders looking for someone to take care of them.

St. George's Hazelnut was foaled in Vermont by thoroughbred breeder Shon Haley on March 1, 2009.  His chunky size and puppy dog personality was so apparent Shon never entered him in a race.  BEC acquired him knowing his sire, Say Florida Sandy made superb athletes and Hazelnut is absolutely one of them.  His quiet demeanor along with his ability to turn on the gas is a trainer's dream.  He arrived in the winter of 2013 with no jumping experience and is jumping a 2'6 course correctly this summer as a five year old.  Dressage training is an integral part of his flat work and he shows no signs of spookiness on hunter paces he participated on in the spring. It is due to his extraordinary ability that St. George is stamping him as one of our own even if he wasn't bred here.

St. George's Quiet Riot Georgia
2013-08-25 16.10 hannah

St. George's Quiet Riot is a 2010 mare out of Babylon St. George. Her history is on the breeding page.  Quiet Riot has fluid gaits and comfortably approaches fences.  Her winter work will start her over courses and will be ready for level 1 jumpers in spring 2015.  A great opportunity for someone beginning to show on the A circuit who wants a horse to grow with. 

This gorgeous 16H registered Friesian was sired by Nanning (if you could put you tube of nanning----   )and born may 1, 2010. Her dam is Jantsje who was imported from England. Her athleticism and tempermemt are a great match for someone looking for a majestic mount with gaits as smooth as butter.  Yes, she looks like the horse of King Arthur or Guinivere.  You will be as shocked as we were when you take a ride.  This is not your ordinary Friesian.  There are no spurs needed.  She loves to work.  After a 2 hour cross country you still don't need leg. She is even learning tricks because there doesn't seem to be anything she's not willing to do.  Well, I take that back. She won't be competing on the jumper circuit.  And in her defense, when was the last time you saw a friesian competing as a jumper. If you don't mind people staring at you, this is the horse for you.


We don't know much about Roger (if that is in fact his name).  He showed up a couple of months ago looking for a job.  He was born in June 2013. He's quite the labrador constantly showering us with affection.  He's a good looking guy.  He's comfortable at walk, trot and canter.  If he looks like your kind of guy give us a call.



Capri  Salahadin
capri saladin

At 16H, this dutch warmblood is the perfect size for an amateur jumper.  Capri was born 6/5/2011.  His sire is Dutch stallion, Waterford and his dam, Sophie, is a warmblood sired by Freestyle.(if you could insert you tube link (>    This scopy jumper has his lead changes and the bounce that makes your job easy. Lots of flatwork also make him an excellent choice for 3 day eventing.  He is brave, smart and ready to find a rider to take him up the ranks.

Salahadin is a 2006 Dutch Warmblood bred in Vermont.  Like his name he is commanding and has an irrefutable presence.  Great prospect for the hunter circuit.  Absolute hunter derby potential.  While initially bought for the jumper circuit, his fluid gaits and steady speed will lead to more success with the hunters.  He is incredible to ride as he requires no effort and loves his job.  He can be leased with an option to buy for the Saugerties circuit.