Boston Equestrian has an extensive breeding program that includes live cover, artificial insemination, and the use of phantom. We also train our offsprings from the moment they are born all the way to becoming young jumpers ready for their first steps in the jumping circuit.

If you are interested in creating a grand prix horse, sponsorship contracts are available. If you are looking for avenues in breeding your own horses, please contact the center for details on our breeding program.

Judgement ISF Doron 5
Judgement ISF ridden by Beezie Madden

Doron 5 ridden by Jamal Jadidi

Babylon St. George Stallion

Boston Equestrian is the proud owner of breeding stallion Babylon St. George by Judgement ISF (winner of the 1 Million CN International Grand Prix) and Doron 5, a Hanoverian grand prix mare bought in Germany to compete in the U.S.


Babylon is 17 hands, 6-year old Dutch warmblood stallion, whose impeccable genes include Cor de la Bryere from his dam and Consul from his sire. Babylon is actively competing in the YJC series winning 5th regionally as a 5 yr old. The Young Jumper Series is the benchmark used by professionals creating horses hoping to compete safely and successfully in the grand prix by 8 yrs old. Below or the offspring still available for purchase.


Babylon St. George’s Offsprings

St. George’s Quiet Riot Pedigree Online

Quiet Riot was born May 7, 2010. While we wait until 3 years to start under saddle, her training as the others is consistent. By 3 the expectation is she bathes, clips, trailers and is comfortable for the farrier as well as the vet. She is balanced on the lunge line and is easily groomed and tacked. She does well in a herd of mares as well as geldings. Her warmblood demeanor suggests she may be better suited to dressage or equitation but that is pure speculation because her gaits resemble her father. Baby pictures and video can be seen by accessing the 2010 breeding video on our YouTube channel.

quiet and mom

2013-08-25 16.10


O’Brien St. George Pedigree Online

O’Brien was born April 25th, 2011. His dam, Vegas, is also the mother of Quiet Riot. His backstory is hilarious, but is better told over dinner and drinks. Let’s just leave it that he is appropriately named. He is sweet and gelded and still trying to grow into his long legs. We expect he’ll be a late bloomer and there is already money riding that he will be purchased by someone Irish.

obriens mom obrien

Maximus St. George

Maximus was born April 13, 2012. Friday the 13th no less. His dam, Akwa, an Oldenburg sired by Grannus complimeted Babylon’s genetic pedigree and the colt’s confirmation and spirit are a true testament to his heritage. He will remain a stallion and follow the same training as his father as we prepare him for life on the circuit and life as a sire. As is life with any large family, video and pictures become sparse as the family grows. The environment, training and ethos will always remain the same.

maximus 2013-08-25 15.32

St. George's Ruby Chrome

St. George's Ruby Chrome was born May 17,2014, Preakness day. While we don't breed for Triple Crown racing, out hearts are with any American breeder consumed with creating a great horse. Ruby joins her brother Maximus as Akwaa continues to provide us with foals that thrive beautifully under her care and have the perfect conformation for a sport horse.

3X1A4743 ruby